The Callcenter Solution SalesManager Pro.
Automatic dialling based on imported contact lists. Totally integrated with standard document formats (xml, xls and others) and the most popular administrative software. The system is built on webbased technology which gives users the flexibility to work both from home and office. The intuitive GUI and robust design, brings high efficiency to  the salesforce.  On-line reports keeps each salesperson updated on his or her going production. The adminstrator has access to the same information per individual and for the total production.  
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Web Services
Integration between applications within companies and between companies is essential to realize effective e-solutions. The whole IT-technology industry seems to agree that XML and other WEB-services such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI will be the dominating integration techniques in the future. Viscaria is ready to implement solutions based on WEB Services technology today.
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Datasecurity, confidentiality and authentication.
Viscaria has delivered secure B2B solutions for the Norwegian National Insurance Administration (RTV) and others, since 1996. The solution that includes confidentiality, authentication, non-repudiation, TTP, is built on DES and PKI-technology, using both smart cards and software modules. Along with our partners we have built libraries that includes modules for encryption, authentication, digital signatures, key and certificate generation and distribution.
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Database Migration.
The need to migrate from one database technology to another happens when the technology is replaced by a more flexible, robust, easy to use and maintain, faster, etc. technology, e.g. from hierarchical to relational technology. Migration may also be necessary when companies merge and wants to obtain synergies from the IT-systems. The current implementation may also be found to be too expensive compared to alternatives. We have worked with many database systems, including hierarchical systems such as IDMS and IMS and obviously new technologies from IBM, Oracle, and others and we have proven references from migration projects from old technology to state of the art technology.
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Mobile applications.
The GPRS and UMTS nets will soon give mobile users higher capacity and better performance, and the cost for being connected and transferring information will be reduced. A large number of applications, old and new are being prepared for mobile use. The combinations of new mobile nets and availability of applications will lead to an explosive growth of mobile use during the near future.
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Embedded systems.
Our partner VisualSoft Tedchnologies is engaged by one of Japans leading consumer electronics companies for R&D on Internet and Multimedia solutions. To day the solutions are implemented on TV settop boxes and PC-servers running Linux. From this develoment several API modlues has been made available to programmers to use in their own develoment projects. Available API modules covers functionalities such as:
  • GUI for On-Screen-Display of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Smartcard interface for "pey per view".
  • Decompression of PNG/JPEG pictures in real time.
  • API that initiates recording on Video or an internal disk.

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Case Studies.
Project examples in areas described above can be downloaded from our server.
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The combination of Viscaria working closely with the customer locally and international leading companies having front-edge technology knowledge, wide project experience and availability of a large number of consultants, makes it possible to scale up a project very fast if the customer should decide to widen the scope or require the solution earlier than planned. The combination of local support and development partly local and partly offshore, ensures that cost is extremely competitive. Our partners follows the advances in the IT-industry closely and being a development partner of IBM, Microsoft and several other leading vendors, they will have worked with new technology before it is even announced. Our customers will benefit from this knowledge and experience by getting solutions built on leading edge technology.
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